Turtles in North Cyprus

Are you fascinated by marine turtles? Or are your children’s imagination buzzed with the arrival of the latest film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Feed your curiosity or your children’s imagination with an experience of real marine turtles.These gorgeous creatures are very selective about their breeding ground. Guess what? North Cyprus is one of their preferred Läs mer om Turtles in North Cyprus[…]

Fantastic golf at Koreneum Golf Resort

Turkish North Cyprus has been a British playground for many years, offering the perfect haven for relaxation. It is loved for its slow pace of life and delightful village-like feel, offering glorious untouched bays with enchanting sights and the warmest welcome in the Mediterranean. Golf is rapidly growing in North Cyprus, and no wonder. The Läs mer om Fantastic golf at Koreneum Golf Resort[…]

No Euro worries for North Cyprus

Many people do not realise that the currency in North Cyprus is the Turkish Lira. The economic problems with the Euro are limited only to the southern part of the island. North Cyprus is self governing, and has a separate financial system which does not use the Euro. In North Cyprus the banking system is Läs mer om No Euro worries for North Cyprus[…]