mars 18, 2015




We are looking for international partners to market property in North-Cyprus, Spain and Turkey, through Scandinavian Property Consultant, SPC, or British Property Consultant, BPC – who is a part of London & Cyprus Homes.

You will have your own webpage, leaflets and all the material you need to be successful with marketing property abroad!

This is a business for those who are looking for new possibilities in life, maybe looking of a new career, or maybe a possibility to earn som extra cash besides what you do today?!

Next business opportunity seminar is in November (17-22) in Kyrenia and we will cover your stay for 6 days!

If YOU like to have more information, please send me a email at!

For various reasons there has been a substantial increase in the continuing
growth of demand from overseas homebuyers in North Cyprus.
This strong growth prompted LCH to establish its international estate agencies and to open its doors to recruit entrepreneurial Partners seeking to change their careers, increase their quality of life and build a business to create wealth and retirement income. Our IP’s are self employed and either work alongside their existing careers or they devote full time to build their
business marketing North Cyprus property.
Our IP’s are fully supported and backed by our fun, energetic and well established organisation.
Every month LCH are shaking hands and welcoming new Partners.

During 2016 we’ll se Portugal, France and Italy added to our portfolio…yea!

All our Partners join our team citing various reasons including:

“life passing and working to get nowhere“
“poor income and high taxes“
“grey miserable weather in their country“
“hate working for a boss“
“want to work own hours and want to travel“
“fear of redundancy“
“low or no pension income for retirement“

Many of our new IP’s have dreamt of owning their own estate agency but
they have found that the general set up costs are prohibitive. So, maybe you are the next IP to start a new adventure together with us?

Just send me a email to get more info….