Turtles in North Cyprus

Are you fascinated by marine turtles? Or are your children’s imagination buzzed with the arrival of the latest film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Feed your curiosity or your children’s imagination with an experience of real marine turtles.These gorgeous creatures are very selective about their breeding ground. Guess what? North Cyprus is one of their preferred locations…

North Cyprus is an area now world famous as a destination to see Loggerhead and Green nesting and hatching. The turtles are a protected species and also increasingly important for the tourist industry.

The Marine Turtle Conservation Project at Alagadi beach is in its third decade with an estimated 5000 visitors in recent years. The marine turtle is such an important creature to Cyprus that it has been used as the emblem of the North Cyprus tourism industry for many years. Nesting peaks in late June/early July, whilst the hatching season starts in mid- July.

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